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Boston Blogger Holiday Mixer!

This weekend Jamie and I went to a blogger mixer holiday party held by the wonderful Chloe Manigo, stylist at LF in Harvard Square, and her lovely co-workers. They did a great job planning so many fun activities and everyone was so friendly and of course fashionable! They provided yummy snacks and delicious hot cider, created a holiday photo booth, planned a yankee swap, and set up a fun Santa hat decorationg station. It was so great to meet everyone there and kick off the holidays in style ūüôā

Here’s some pictures from the party!

We started out the night on a great note! We got to pick out anything from the store to create a holiday look for the photobooth! It took us forever because we all wanted to try on everythingggggg but I finally settled with something simple that I’d love to add to my everyday wardrobe! Can’t go wrong with a cozy sweater…and I could not resist these quilted faux leather shorts! Just need some accessories…and shoes! Speaking of shoes… can we please look at these blue suade platform wedges behind me…sooo good. Check out my Fadass blog for more details on my LF look ūüôā

Sarah’s not lying when she says it took us forever to pick out our holiday looks. I think I took 10 laps around the store before I even committed to a theme. Check out why I chose this outfit on A First Impression.

Group picture with Holly in our LF looks!

(photo courtesy of Holly)

Santa hat decorating station! Heck yesss!

Everyone brought fun little gifts for a yankee swap! I got a set of coffee mugs and Jamie got a book of yummy muffin recipes!

Holly from Holly Dolly ended up with 3 of my Crimson & Clover coffee coozies!! Yayyy<3

And Cassie ended up with the gift I brought, a Fig headband!

We had a great time and want to thank Chloe and all the girls at LF Harvard Square for hosting this wonderful party! ūüôā So thank you!! Happy Holidays! ‚̧

Swapping at a young age

Sarah and I were looking through old photos last week and to our surprise we found that even at a young age we were adopting the “swap is the new shop” attitude!

It’s easy to think that because we are twins…we probably just had the same exact clothes…but I assure you there was always a variation in color or pattern…I mean…you had to be able to tell us apart somehow right…?¬†¬†

Exhibit A:  The Magenta Tee

What little girl could live without one?…we made this baby last for years by swapping it!

Exhibit B: Starry¬†Starry Sweatshirt…

Not sure who owned it first…but you better believe we both wanted to wear this bad boy.¬† I’m just wondering if Jamie is also wearing the matching pants…or if we¬†met halfway and just swapped the top…I can imagine they were both¬† a¬†hard thing to part with…

Taste the Rainbow

Reunited and it feeels¬†so good! ¬†It’s been a long while (at least it feels like) since Sarah and I took photos together. ¬†Missed ya whombie! ¬†We figured we would participate in this month’s <a href=""Colored“>Everybody Everywear colored tights themed post! ¬†I tend to shy away from bright colors, but I think that today is certainly an exception.

Outfit: Dress- Macys (old), Tights- Forever21, Boots- T.J. Maxx

I’ve never actually tried the colored tights trend…I usually give popular tends a shot at least once but…I guess this one slipped by me. I realized the only “colored” tights I owned were grey and I figured that wouldn’t count so I borrowed some from Jamie’s collection¬†ūüôā Cheers to my first time in colored tights!

My Outfit: Dress and Belt- Urban Outfitters, Jacket- F21, Denim Shirt and Vintage Frye Boots- thrifted, Tights- borrowed from whombie

What we have been up to!

A First Impression

Through my experience with Double Standard, I have already learned a lot about the way that I dress, the clothes I choose, and some thing that work, and a lot that don’t!¬† I want to focus more on refining that on A First Impression, which will be my own personal style blog.


I started Fadass a while ago to also focus on my own personal style.¬†¬†¬†I feel very comfortable dressing myself but really wanted to share some of my style tricks and tips, as well as what inspiries me.¬†¬†I love styling other people and wanted a platform to practice¬†some more with photoshoot styling and even some personal shopping trips.¬†¬†It’s really turned into a creative release for me…between the styling…photography…and the¬†writing I’m staying pretty entertained…

So far I’ve gotten some really¬†positive feedback about it which¬†feels¬†so great…it’s really strange¬†but exciting at the same time to know that people you’d never think would even read a blog are reading yours…and liking it :).¬†¬†¬†So thanks to everyone who reads it I really do¬†appreciate it…¬†(and I’m going to try¬†really hard to be more consistant…slap on the hand…)


What does this mean for Double Standard?

We will shift towards really focusing on similar concepts, styled differently.  Because our style choices are so different, we love the fact that we can both wear the same piece and have it look completely different!

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

It actually took me longer to get ready when I walked out the door in a t-shirt. I would try on all of the clothes in my closet, ultimately settling for a sweatshirt or T-shirt. Many of the items in my closet were worn, but not by me. I would let my friends wear the clothes that I loved. Sometimes, I would even just give them up, telling myself that I couldn’t look as good as my friends did in them. Getting dressed was something that I dreaded. I wasn’t fat, but my body had certainly changed by the time I entered college. ¬†I grew up playing soccer, and I could eat whatever I want without seeing big changes in my body. The end of high school I started noticing changes, and during my first years in college I definitely put on that freshman 15, maybe 20. With my height, 20 additional pounds was noticeable. I didn’t feel good, and my style showed that.

I look back now, and wish that I had done things different. ¬†Just because I wasn’t a size small, or didn’t fit into the clothes I used to, didn’t mean that I should settle for sweatshirts. ¬†I could and should have embraced my new size, and simply purchased clothing that fit. ¬†Instead, I continued to buy clothing the size that I used to be and continued to be disappointed with the way that I looked in them.

Another issue was always comparing myself to Sarah. She’s tiny. She has always been tiny, and as her twin, I expected that I should also be that size. I will never be her size, and am finally okay with that.

I think finally feeling confident about my body has allowed me to experiment with my personal style. In no way do I think my body is perfect, but I feel good in clothes and don’t feel the need to cover up my body with layers and sweatshirts. And if my weight changes? I won’t feel like I need to be uncomfortable in a size I think I should be. ¬†Don’t focus on the size, but rather what makes you feel good.

I often hear people say that they don’t have the body to be “stylish”. ¬†Skinny doesn’t make you stylish! ¬†Being creative and confident in the clothes you wear will exude personal style, no matter what size you are.


We will be back with regular outfit posts this week! ¬†Until next time…



Are you a Lion?

Happy Halloween everyone!¬† Friday night we got dressed up and headed out to a costume party. Unfortunately, I didn’t get great photos (only from my phone) of our costumes, but my DIY owl costume came out as I hoped! If you haven’t already, check out the DIY costume how-to posted yesterday. ¬† A couple of feathers and some eyelash glue, gold eyeshadow beak,¬† and I was ready to go!

Perched up on Harry Potter!

Sarah went for a Day of The Dead theme, and I think her costume came out great!  Crazy, her wig looks like her real hair!

We stopped at the liquor store on the way out, and a toddler looked at Sarah and said “are you a lion??”¬† Confused?¬† He quickly remarked “I saw your tail!”¬† Ha……Sarah has a tail. And is a lion. And apparently a not-so-secret admirer.¬† The cashier and the boy’s mother continued to discuss her son checking out Sarah’s butt.¬† awkward.


All three of us together? This rarely happens!



What did you all dress up as?