Sarah’s Swap Scores!

Since I was so pumped after this last swap, I decided to gather up all of my swapped items and do a little photo shoot!  I didn’t realize how much stuff I had scored until it was all right in front of me.  I laid it all out and discovered that I could make not one, but several head to toe outfits!  Here are a few favorites from my personal swapped collection…


Assorted sweaters and denim I cut into shorts





Dinnertime (minus the wrinkles…yuck)


Drink tiiiiime 🙂


And my newest swap finds…

Zara denim shirt dress,  a cream Aztec print bag, (shoes also swapped)…


…and a comfy tagless striped sweater in case I get chilly (I’ve named him Freddy Kruegar)


❤ Sarah


Stay tuned for Jamie’s post


8 responses to “Sarah’s Swap Scores!”

  1. Edita Lozovska says :

    Love the shoes and the sweater! ❤

  2. Punky says :

    the bag is AMAZING!!!!!! Can you swap it to me when your done?

  3. doublestandardsblog says :

    Thanks it was my favorite thing!! Tags still on and everything! And yes I’d love to pass it on to you next 🙂

  4. Melissa @TheSwapaholics says :

    I think it’s pretty amazingly appropriate that your “Drink Time” outfit features a tank that used to be mine (here’s me wearing it at Sam Mendoza’s show during Boston Fashion Week last year: and a leather skirt that used to be Punky’s. 🙂 Really digging all the outfit shots on the clothes line, but they look even more beautiful on you! #swaplove

  5. doublestandardsblog says :

    Haha that is too funny! Well thank you ladies!! ❤

  6. Jess says :

    you guys are so cute…can’t wait for Beaver’s photo shoot

  7. Chetarah Sulaiman says :

    Ok so the navajo handbag and fox tail is super dope.. I need that bag when youre OVER it..great stuff Sarah and Jamie!

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